Welcome to The Pittsburgh Fudge Company, we specialize in wholesale fudge, homemade fudge, cookies & chocolate!

Pittsburgh Fudge Company

From the time we were small children, we were always fascinated while watching our grandmothers make their famous family fudge. We remember standing on a stool next to the stove with a small wooden paddle, wide eyed and paying attention to every detail.

The family recipe was passed down with pride from generation to generation. We were taught there is no substitute for quality. We were taught to use only the finest ingredients, such as real cream and dairy butter.

Our fudge is cooked in copper kettles, stirred with large wooden paddles, and hand-poured to perfection. Each batch is cooked to order. Little did we realize that the love and enjoyment we experienced while making fudge as children, would grow from a family tradition into a family business.

We’ve come a long way from standing on a stool next to grandma’s old gas stove. We were taught well and it shows when you taste our rich, smooth, creamy fudge. We invite you to join us in our family tradition at The Pittsburgh Fudge Company.



At The Pittsburgh Fudge Company, we take pride in the quality our products. We buy supplies such as cream & dairy butter from local farms, in order to support local businesses just like ourselves whenever possible. Our fudge is naturally gluten free with 0g trans fat, and the containers that we use at Pittsburgh Fudge are always made from recycled goods.